Marcelle's Care

Family Advisory Services & Health Education


What Is Marcelle's Care?

Marcelle’s Care provides Advisory Support - Coaching and Health Education for individuals and families managing the complexities of daily life, and implementing wellness strategies by discussing health concerns of a new or pre-existing event or diagnosis using a wide range of educational methods and techniques.


Along with Marcelle's Care, Marcelle Pachter also writes "Marcelle's Two Cents", a Newsletter that contains interviews with Health and Wellness Professionals and Mediterranean lifestyle insights from a woman who was raised and trained as a Medical Professional in Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia.

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Working With Me

Who May Need Me?

- If you are exhausted and struggling to get organized and focused or you are unable to complete all of your tasks.

- You or a loved one are coping with a new or existing life event or diagnosis and all of the related information, yet you still feel lost.

- You feel you have no safe space to express yourself and you are feeling anxious and frustrated.

Who I Work With

I work with individuals and/or entire families. Though you may come seeking help for just yourself, I may recommend involving others in our sessions as well. The final decision will ultimately be yours.

What I Need From You

In order to provide the best advice possible and to ensure you are receiving the care and attention you need, we will take into consideration:​

- Health History

- Medical History

- Diet 

- Exercise 

- Lifestyle

Program Length

Each case, family, and person have a unique set of needs and expectations. After our initial meeting, I will give my recommendation for the amount of time we should work together.

Meet Marcelle Pachter


I'm a passionate professional dedicated to improving care, education and disease prevention for people who are in a special situation or dealing with a wide variety of health challenges, weight loss, stress reduction, chronic condition management, diet and exercise improvement, tobacco cessation, addiction, and adjusting to a life-altering health events. I offer individual, and family coaching including home-based bilingual consultations in English, Spanish, and ASL as well. As an experienced Health Educator and previously a Periodontist with a practice dedicated to the special health care needs community, I have extensive experience building programs and providing care for patients who are in challenging situations seeking effective alternatives to move forward.  

I believe that health planning involves the entire support network and not only the individual with the diagnosis. Utilizing methods and techniques developed after many years of working, I focus on enhancing the quality of life for both - the person who is in a special situation or needs special care and those around them. 


Here - The story of a person's life

I suffered through a misdiagnosis and this is my story...   When I was a child, I had an accident that no one in my family recognized and it caused irreparable damage to my ears. Whenever someone spoke to me I couldn’t hear them clearly, and I didn’t speak to anyone for over a year. Unable to properly communicate with me, and unaware of my accident, my school categorized me as a special needs student, and they aided in finding a new "place" that would be a better fit for me. 


A few weeks later, I was on my way to "a school orientation tour" with my mom, unaware that this was to be my new school... There were children with severe disabilities and special health care needs yelling at each other and crying everywhere, some looking at me in a way no one had done before. I was 7, and I was overwhelmed. Somehow, I convinced myself that my parents brought me to this school to punish me. I was screaming between tears to my mother "enough, that's enough!" - desperately asking to run away from there...


My mother tried to calm me, she was hugging me so hard that I almost felt our hearts boxing with each other, explaining that this place was good and would help me, but - as much as she repeated these words, she could't comfort my despair, until she realized I was speaking very loud and thought something else may be wrong.


That was her "red flag", and from there we went to many doctors before we discovered that I had lost the majority of my hearing.


Once we received a proper diagnosis, I started going to a speech therapist and learned to speak again. I was lucky and able to go back to my old school. The years following were difficult for me and my family. I was already 5.5’ with a size 10 men’s foot, and thin as a wire! We didn’t know how to deal with this sudden change. It took a lot of time, suffering and misunderstandings to get to a place of confort and acceptance with my hearing, speech and physical eccentricities. 


Fortunately we found the necessary support and a correct diagnosis as well, confirming that my school and the type of environment that I had until then was the right one. I was only hard of hearing! Like everything in life - Things can change radically if we take a look at the other side of the coin...

Thank you,