Marcelle's Care

Family Advisory Services & Health Education


What Is Marcelle's Care?

Marcelle’s Care provides advisory support and health coaching for individuals and families managing the complexities of a new or pre-existing diagnosis.


Along with Marcelle's Care, Marcelle Pachter also writes "Marcelle's Two Cents", a Newsletter that contains interviews with health and wellness professionals and Mediterranean lifestyle insights from a woman who was raised and trained as a medical professional in Barcelona.

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Working With Me

Who May Need Me?

- If you are exhausted and struggling to get organized and focused or you are unable to complete all of your tasks.

- You or a loved one are coping with a new or existing diagnosis and all of the related information yet, you still feel lost.

- You feel you have no safe space to express yourself and you are feeling anxious and frustrated.

Who I Work With

I work with individuals and/or entire families. Though you may come seeking help for just yourself, I may recommend involving others in our sessions as well. The final decision will ultimately be yours.

What I Need From You

In order to provide the best advice possible and to ensure you are receiving the care and attention you need, we will take into consideration:​

- Health History

- Medical History

- Diet 

- Exercise 

- Lifestyle

Program Length

Each case, family, and person have a unique set of needs and expectations. After our initial meeting, I will give my recommendation for the amount of time we should work together.

Meet Marcelle Pachter

I'm a passionate professional dedicated to improving care, education and disease prevention for people who are in a special situation or dealing with special needs. I offer individual, caregiver, and family coaching including home-based bilingual consultations in English, Spanish, and ASL as well. As an experienced Health Educator and previously a Periodontist with a practice dedicated to special needs care, I have extensive experience building programs and providing care for patients who are in delicate situations trying to find effective alternatives to move forward.  


I believe that health planning involves the entire support network and not only the individual with the diagnosis. I have found that family members and other caregivers too often neglect their own needs, leading to larger problems for everyone. Using methods and techniques developed after many years of working. I focus on enhancing the quality of life for both the person who is in a special situation or with special needs and those around them. I’ve learned that disabilities don’t define people, they are another part to love, and that’s what I want for all of you.


I suffered through a misdiagnosis and this is my story...   When I was a child, I had an accident that no one in my family recognized and it caused irreparable damage to my ears. Whenever someone spoke to me I couldn’t hear them clearly, and I didn’t speak to anyone for a year. Unable to get through to me, and unaware of my accident, my school thought I had special needs and they aided in finding a new "place" that would be a better fit for me. 


A few weeks later I was at a school orientation tour with my mom, unaware that this was to be my new school. There were children with severe disabilities and special needs looking at me in a way no one had done before. I was 7 and I was overwhelmed. Somehow, I convinced myself that my parents brought me to this school to help these children. I cried intensely to my mom, screaming how I could not help them and asking her if we could please just leave. 


My mother tried to calm me, hugging me so hard that I almost felt our hearts boxing with each other. She explained that I was not there to help anyone, it was a place to help me. As she struggled to explain the situation to me, she realized I was speaking very loud and realized something else may be wrong. We went to many doctors before we discovered that I had lost the majority of my hearing in my right ear and had also lost some hearing in my left ear.


Once we received a proper diagnosis, I started going to a speech therapist and learned to speak again. I was lucky and able to go back to my old school. The years following were difficult for me and my family. I was already 5.5’ with a size 10 men’s foot, and thin as a wire! We didn’t know how to deal with this sudden change. It took a lot of time, suffering and misunderstandings to get to a place of understanding and acceptance with my hearing, speech and physical eccentricities. 


Fortunately, my family found the necessary support and a correct diagnosis as well, confirming that my school and the type of environment that I had until then was the right one. I was only hard of hearing! Like everything in life -- Things can change radically if we take a look at the other side of the coin, right?