How We Will Work Together

Our First Meeting

During our first meeting together we will go over your questionnaire so we can pinpoint exactly where and what you need help with.

Our Plan

After our first meeting, I will create a plan of action tailored specifically for you (or your family), and I will create an accountability system to ensure you know what needs to be done to improve your situation and to keep us on track!

Our Progress

Once we begin implementing the plan curated specifically for you, we will review frequently and make adjustments as necessary. We will have a set schedule of meeting times, one on one or group, depending on what is best for your specific situation. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to have you comfortable enough with your plan of action, and new learned methods that you (and/or your family) are able to follow through on your own. Over time our meeting schedule will decrease until we are meeting just monthly to touch base and readjust when needed.